Trademark Law & Practice

Scope of the Committee: To consider all aspects of trademark law and practice, and to make recommendations with respect thereto to the Board of Directors.

Michael Cannata, Co-Chair Dyan Finguerra-DuCharme, Co-Chair
Rivkin Radler LLP Pryor Cashman LLP
926 RXR Plaza 7 Times Square
Uniondale, NY 11556 New York, NY 10036
1.516.357.3233 1.212.326.0443

Board Liaison Kathleen McCarthy

Members: Jeremy Boczko, Pina Campagna, Laura Chubb, David Cole, Ronald Coleman, Ursula Day, Anderson Duff, David Einhorn, David Goldberg, Darienne Grey, Scott Greenberg, Jacqueline Hatherill, Suzanne Hengl, Joni-Kay Johnson, Dwight Kennedy, Michael Kraich, Nehal Madhani, Mark Matuschak, Arielle Matza, Frank Misiti, Dorna Mohaghegh, Ben Natter, Jennifer Okafor, Mariella Reyzis, Jonathan Roch, Joel Schmidt, Mitchell Stein, William Thomashower


Committee members have access to view materials, e-mail fellow members, and participate in the discussion board.