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Peter Thurlow, President’s Corner
Promoting Innovation—that is one of my main goals as President of the New York Intellectual Property Law Association (NYIPLA). hat will overhaul federal law on music licensing. We need more medicines to treat cancer, more exoskeletons and related advances to treat paraplegics, and more advanced transportation technologies to help those, like me, who are commuting into to Penn Station each day! Read more>>

After TC Heartland Artificial Infringement Could Create Real Problems for Hatch-Waxman Litigants
By: Nicholas Marcello 
Imagine being in Marshall, Texas on a warm day and seeing an ice skating rink right outside the historic Marshall courthouse. This is not a scene from a fantasy; this is real life thanks to the expansive interpretation of the patent venue statute. Read more>>

Caution Explicit Content Ahead: End of the Road for the Scandalous Provision? 
By: Ben Natter, Jessica Sblendorio, and Kyle Koemm 
In 2017, both the disparagement and scandalous clause of the Lanham Act were successfully challenged in Matal v. Tam and In re Brunetti
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Recent Developments in Patent Law at the Supreme Court: Oil States, SAS Institute, and WesternGeco
By: Charles Macedo, Jung Hahm, David Goldberg, Christopher Lisiewski, and Chandler Sturm
On April 24, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court (“Supreme Court”) issued its much-anticipated decisions in Oil States Energy Services, LLC v. Greene’s Energy Group, LLC and SAS Institute Inc. v. Iancu. Read more>>

What Keeps In-House Counsel Up At Night?  
By: Dyan Finguerra-DuCharme 
To prepare for the panel presentation What Keeps In-House Counsel Up At Night?, we sent a survey to a few dozen in-house attorneys inquiring about the most challenging aspects of their jobs. Read more>>

Summer-Fall IP Media Links: IP is (Not?) Child's Play   
By: Jayson Cohen 
As many parents (and their kids) are aware, a mass, bittersweet phenomenon occurred in Spring 2018 as Toys ’R’ Us stores across the nation closed out their inventories at deep discounts and shuttered their doors, seemingly for good. Read more>>

Historian's Corner: As Time Goes By - NYIPLA, By Any Other Name    
By: Dale Carlson
The history of the NYIPLA is replete with tongue-twisting acronyms. Back in 1981, the Association’s Bulletin was called the “The New York Patent Law Association Bulletin.” Read more>>

Notable Trademark Decisions  
By: Scott Greenberg and Michael Kraich 
Detroit Athletic Co. (“DACo”) applied to register the mark DETROIT ATHLETIC CO., seeking, via amendment, registration on the Supplemental Register with “ATHLETIC CO.” disclaimed, in connection with various sports apparel retail services. Read more>>

 NYIPLA Past Events

Mediating Patent Infringement Disputes: Current Trends and Future Considerations 

On June 19, 2018, JAMS New York in conjunction with NYIPLA hosted a CLE event featuring moderator Bryan J. Vogel, Partner of Robins Kaplan LLP and speakers Hon. Garrett E. Brown, Jr (JAMS). Read more>>


2018 Hot Topics in IP Law
On July 17, 2018, the Trademark Law and Practice Committee hosted its annual half-day CLE event entitled “Hot Topics In IP Law” at the Princeton Club in New York City. Read more>>

Moving Up & Moving On

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Welcome New Members

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NYIPLA Publication Committee Editorial Team
Committee Co-Chairs TaeRa Franklin and Jessica Sblendorio
Committee Members Dale Carlson, Jayson Cohen, Wayne Cox, William Dippert, Robert Greenfeld, Mitchell Hadley, 
Kyle Koemm, Keith McWha, Liz Murphy, Ben Natter, Lauren Nowierski, Margaret Welsh

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