Summer 2021

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NYIPLA President's Corner

By: Robert Isackson 
Did you know that we have a voice and people who matter listen? Indeed, since 1922, the NYIPLA has been your voice on all matters of intellectual property law. […] As a member driven organization based in NY/CT/VT/NJ, NYIPLA members have the opportunity to tell us what they really think is important and why, so that our voice fairly reflects our constituency. Read more>>

A Look at the Data: PTAB Successes, Outcomes and Results
By: Charles  R.  Macedo,  Ken  Adamo,  Chris  Lisiewski,  Thomas  Hart, and  Amy Towell
The USPTO provided its latest statistics as reported in their quarterly roundup, found on their website, and Docket Navigator prepared a special report for this presentation reporting on comparable statistics over the life the PTAB since 2012, when IPR, PGR and CBM proceedings first commenced. […] Read more>>

Beyond Copyright: Protecting Software APIs in the Wake of Google v. Oracle
By: Eugene Chang, Devon Edwards, and Mary Stottele
In today’s connected world, in which more and more businesses are moving their operations and services to the “cloud,” APIs (application programming interfaces) are becoming increasingly important. […] In a recent decision, the Supreme Court has clarified the limits of copyright protection afforded to certain types of API.  Read more>>

Notable Trademark Decisions, June 2021
By: Scott Greenberg and Anna Antonova 
In a pair of almost-identical decisions, the Board affirmed the refusal to register the trademark CLEAR for bags and related goods, clothing, and footwear that were not, in fact, clear. Although two separate decisions were issued, one for each application, the Board’s analysis was the same. Read more>>

"As Time Goes By – It Took a Village"
By: Dale Carlson
Giles S. Rich [NYIPLA President. 1950-51] was a preeminent member of our Association for good reason.  He was thrust into national prominence by virtue of his testimony before Congress on our Association's behalf regarding need for legislative reform to U.S. patent law. Read more>>

Global Diagnosis: The Future of Diagnostic Method Patents in Precision Medicine
By: Charlotte Geaghan-Breiner
Fifteen years ago, the treatment of breast cancer was relatively uniform across patients. A patient with a suspected malignancy would be imaged and biopsied. Upon the diagnosis of breast cancer, she had the options of standard chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery to remove the tumor. If the tumor did not respond to chemotherapy or radiation, her prognosis was poor, and options for alternative treatments were few. Read more>>

Board Minutes

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NYIPLA Spotlight
Q&A with Laura Chubb
and Mark Schildkraut
Co-Chairs of NYIPLA’s
Trade Secrets Committee

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Welcome New Members!
and Moving Up & Moving On
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