Patent Law & Practice

Scope of the Committee: To consider all aspects of patent laws and practice which affect the rights of United States entities in technology and to make recommendations with respect thereto to the Board of Directors.

Carl Wischhusen, Co-Chair  Jonathan Berschadsky, Co-Chair
Buckley Maschoff & Talwalkar LLC Merchant & Gould PC
50 Locust Avenue, Suite 9  767 Third Avenue, 23rd Floor
New Canaan, CT 06840 New York, NY 10017
Board Liaison Peter Thurlow

Members: John Balaes, James Barabas, Thomas Bean, Andrew Berks, Nicholas Bertram, Dennis Bissonnette, Michael Carmen, Henry Chen, Andrew Chien, Chi Eng, Steven Forte, Aswin Garimalla, Joy Goudie, Zach Hong, Michael Kahn, David Kappos, David Kaplan, Kelsie Kelly, Frtiz Klantschi, Richard Koehl, Joel Lutzker, Patrick McClay, Gene Lee, Gerard McGowan, Jason Poulos, Jeffrey Price, Manoranjan Rai, John Resek, Brian Rothery, Ryan Schneer, Laura Sheridan, Tom Tatonetti, Antoaneta Tarpanova, Rod Turner, Jessica Wu



Committee members have access to view materials, e-mail fellow members, and participate in the discussion board.