Inventor of the Year (IOTY) Award

Scope of the Committee: To solicit, gather, and review nominations for the Inventor of the Year award, and to make recommendations with respect thereto to the Board of Directors.

The NYIPLA Inventor of the Year Recipients can be found at

Brian Prew, Co-Chair Ksenia Takhistova, Co-Chair
Greenberg Traurig LLP Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP
MetLife Building, 200 Park Avenue  One Broadway
New York, NY 10166 New York, NY 10004
1.212.801.3129 1.212.908.6208
Board Liaison Mark Bloomberg

Members: Catharina Chin Eng, Alessandro Peschechera



Committee members have access to view materials, e-mail fellow members, and participate in the discussion board.




Submission Deadline: January 5, 2018             

Each year, the New York Intellectual Property Law Association (NYIPLA) presents the "Inventor of the Year Award" to pay tribute to an individual or group of individuals who, through their inventive talents, have made worthy contributions to society by promoting "the progress of Science and useful Arts."

We encourage you to nominate one or more candidates. The Inventor of the Year Award enables the Association to extend recognition to deserving innovators and inventors, and promote the practice of intellectual property law. This year's award will be accompanied not only by recognition, but also by a monetary award of $5,000.00 to the winner.

In order to be eligible for the Award, nominees must have received one or more U.S. patents for his/her/their invention(s) contributing to modern society.  Please forward your nominations no later than Friday, January 5, 2018. See the nomination form for further rules and information, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions.

Jonathan Auerbach and Brian Prew
Co-Chairs, Inventor of the Year Award Committee and

FAQ’s for the Inventor of the Year Award

(1) I have a revolutionary patent application – can someone nominate me?

Only issued patents will be considered for this award. 

(2) Does my invention have to be commercialized?


(3) Do I need to submit materials in addition to the Nomination form?

The nomination form is the only requirement. However, you should submit as much information as you deem necessary to effectively, but efficiently, represent your nominee. 

(4) Who can nominate me?

Anyone, including but not limited to:
Outside Counsel
In-House Counsel
Employer (company, university, etc.) 

(5) I am an inventor located outside of the NY, NJ, CT area – can I be nominated?

NYIPLA reviews submissions from inventors throughout the U.S. Please see the list of prior winners here. 

The only geographic requirement is that the winner(s) can attend the award dinner in New York City in May of that year. 

(6)  Does it matter (in a positive or negative manner) if the nominee is in the same area of science as a recent award recipient?

No. Areas of science of past award recipients are considered. 

(7)  Do you have a good example of an effective, past submission, maybe from a previous award recipient, to assist in preparation of my submission?

Portions of previous winning submissions are posted here

Also, by example, you may list multiple representative patents for your submission, but no more than 5 patents should be attached to the physical submission. 

(8)  Will I get confirmation of acceptance of my submission?

If completely submitted by e-mail, an e-mail confirming receipt will be generated. If sent via snail mail, please follow up with an e-mail to confirm receipt. 

(9) Will I be contacted if the committee requires additional information?

Typically no. All submissions should be as complete as necessary to understand the technology and patents to be considered. In the event the committee believes that there is something missing or something specific that the nominee may possess that could help the committee better understand the submission, you will be contacted by the committee.  

(10) Is the nomination made public?

Not necessarily. However, DO NOT submit any information that should be kept confidential for any reason. Rather, treat all information submitted as being made "publically available." By submitting a nomination, you consent that the nomination will become the property of the NYIPLA (with a grant of permission to use the nomination), and that the NYIPLA may use the image and likeness of the nominee(s), if named as the award recipient(s). 

(11) Will the nominee be contacted by the NYIPLA before a winner is announced?

The award recipient will be notified sometime in March. 

The website will announce the award recipient's name shortly thereafter.

(12)  Will the committee provide feedback about the quality of my nomination or how my nominee fared during consideration by the committee?

In order to maintain the integrity of the committee, the committee will not be able to provide feedback concerning the contents of a nominating submission or its internal deliberations concerning that submission.



 Committee members have access to view materials, e-mail fellow members, and participate in the discussion board.