Copyright Law & Practice


Scope of the Committee: To consider all aspects of United States, foreign and multi-national copyright law and practice, and to make recommendations with respect thereto to the Board of Directors.

Tatsuya Adachi, Co-Chair  Lauren Emerson, Co-Chair 
Leichtman Law PLLC
Leason Ellis LLP 
315 Madison Avenue, Suite 3011  1 Barker Avenue, Fifth Floor 
New York, NY 10017
White Plains, NY 10601

Board Liaison Kathleen McCarthy

Members: Tatsuya Adachi, Julie Albert, Nicholas Bartelt, Jeremy Boczko, Daniel Brooks, Wayne Cox, Dickerson Downing, Lauren Emerson, Rocio Espada-Brignoni, Timothy Heaton, Laura Irazoque, Peter Menchini, Robert Raskopf, Mariella Reyzis,
Joel Schmidt, Mitchell Stein