Scope of the Committee: To prepare, edit, publish and disseminate such publications as may be requested by the Board of Directors, and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors.



TaeRa Franklin, Co-Chair Liz Murphy, Co-Chair
Renner Otto Intellectual Property Law
Haug Partners LLP
1621 Euclid Avenue, Floor 19 745 Fifth Avenue, 10th Floor 
Cleveland, Ohio 44115  New York, NY 10151 
1.216.736.3180  1.212.588.0800 

Board Liaison Frank DeLucia

Members: Dale Carlson, Jayson Cohen, William Dippert, Robert Greenfeld, Mitchell Hadley, Keith McWha,
Ben Natter, Lauren Nowierski, Margaret Welsh





Committee members have access to view materials, e-mail fellow members, and participate in the discussion board.