Young Lawyers

Scope of the Committee: To address the concerns and needs of minorities, women and newly-admitted lawyers, and to report with respect thereto to the Board of Directors.

Jonathan Auerbach, Co-Chair Michael Bullerman, Co-Chair Lauren Nowierski, Co-Chair
Goodwin Procter LLP Kaye Scholer LLP Desmarais LLP
620 Eighth Avenue 425 Park Avenue 230 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10018 New York, NY 10022 New York, NY 10169
Tel: 1.212.459.7195 Tel: 1.212.836.8549 Tel: 1.212.351.3426
Fax: 1.212.355.3333 Fax: 1.212.836.8689 Fax: 1.212.351.3501

Board Liaison Annemarie Hassett
Members Jonathan Auerbach, Isaac Chao, Joseph Dicioccio, David Draper, Vicki Franks, Xiao Li, Nicholas Loaknauth, Micheal Sebba, Jack Shaw, Edward Tulin, Gary Yen