Trademark Law & Practice

Scope of the Committee: To consider all aspects of trademark law and practice, and to make recommendations with respect thereto to the Board of Directors.

Pina Campagna, Co-Chair Dyan Finguerra-DuCharme, Co-Chair
Carter, DeLuca, Farrell & Schmidt Pryor Cashman
445 Broad Hollow Road, Suite 420 7 Times Square
Melville, NY 11747 New York, NY 10036
1.631.501.5700 1.212.326.0443

Board Liaison Kathleen McCarthy

Members: Magdalena Berger, Timothy Buckley, Joan Burger Flores, Alexandra Caleca, Michael Cannata, Alexandra Cordero, Ursula Day, Dickerson Downing, David Einhorn, Anthony Fletcher, James Gibson, Zalika Headley, Lynn Hsieh, Benjamin Humphreys, Noel Humphreys, Sean Jackson, Lindsay Korotkin, Paul Llewellyn, Nehal Madhani, Arielle Matza, Krystil McDowall, Rayna McKenzie, Alanna Moulds, Patrick Murphy III, Nicole Palermo, Susan Progoff, Emily Reisbaum, Joel Schmidt, Puja Sharma, Timur Slonim, Emily Stein, William Thomashower, Julie Vo, Robert Wasnofski, David Weild, Keith Weltsch