Patent Law & Practice

Scope of the Committee: To consider all aspects of patent laws and practice which affect the rights of United States entities in technology and to make recommendations with respect thereto to the Board of Directors.

Frank DeLuciaCo-Chair Brian Rothery, Co-Chair
Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto Stroock & Stroock & Lavan
1290 Avenue of the Americas 180 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10104  New York, NY 10038  1.212.806.6205
Board Liaison Peter Thurlow

Members: ​Ian Ball, Jennifer Chheda, Richard Crandall, Robert Drolet, Robert Feinland, TaeRa Franklin, Daniel Goldman, Blaine Hackman, Shahar Harel, Samson Helfgott, Geoffrey Hu, Syed Kabir, Sarfraz Keshwani, Chul-Woo Lee, Mord Lewis, Edward Meilman, Jennifer Moore, Charles Ruggiero, Alan Sack, Michael Scarpati, Barry Schindler, Walter Scott, John Sepulveda, Rod Turner, John White, Wei Zhang