Inventor of the Year (IOTY) Award

Scope of the Committee: To solicit, gather, and review nominations for the Inventor of the Year award, and to make recommendations with respect thereto to the Board of Directors.

David Leichtman, Co-Chair Eric Yecies, Co-Chair
Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi Holland & Knight
601 Lexington Avenue 31 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022
New York, NY 10019
1.212.980.7400 1.212.513.3254

Board Liaison
Raymond Farrell

Members: Joseph Pieroni, Allen Rubenstein



Dear NYIPLA Members:

We invite you to nominate an individual or group of individuals who, through their inventive talents have made a worthy contribution to society by promoting the progress of Science and useful Arts.

For the 2014 Call for Nominations - Inventor of the Year rules and instructions, please click here: (PDF) (DOC). 

Should you have any question, feel free to contact David Leichtman at or Eric H. Yecies at

The 2014 Inventor of the Year Award will be honored at the Association's Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner to be held at the Princeton Club of New York on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

Thank you.

David Leichtman and Eric H. Yecies
Co-Chairs, Inventor of the Year Award Committee and

FAQ’s for the Inventor of the Year Award

1) Will I get confirmation of acceptance of my submission?

  • If completely submitted by e-mail, an e-mail indicating that it was received will be generated.
  • If sent via snail mail, please follow up with an e-mail to confirm receipt.

2) Do you have a good example of an effective, past submission, maybe from a previous award recipient, to assist in preparation of my submission?

  • A portion of a previous writing submission is posted here.
  • Also, by example, you may list multiple representative patents for your submission, but no more than 5 patents should be attached to the physical submission.

3) Does it matter if the nominee is in the same area of science as a recent award recipient?


4) Will the nominee be contacted by the NYIPLA before a winner is announced?

  • The winner will be notified sometime in March.
  • The website will announce the recipient’s name shortly thereafter.

5) Do I need to submit materials in addition to the Nomination form?

The nomination form is the only requirement, however, you should submit as much information as you deem necessary to adequately represent your nominee. 

6) I am an inventor located outside of the NY, NJ, CT area – can someone nominate me?

  • NYIPLA reviews submissions from anywhere in U.S.
  • The only geographic requirement is that the winner can attend the award dinner in New York City in May of that year.
  • We have accepted nominations from inventors throughout the U.S.  Please check web for list of prior winners.

7) Who can nominate me?

  • Anyone
  • Self
  • Outside counsel
  • In-house Counsel
  • Company or University employed by

8) I have a revolutionary patent application – can someone nominate me?

Only issued patents will be considered for this award.

9) Does my invention have to be commercialized?


10) Is the nomination made public?

Not necessarily made public but you should treat all information submitted as being made “publically available” for purposes of maintaining confidentiality of information.  DO NOT submit any information that should be kept confidential or that needs to be maintained as confidential for purposes of regulatory compliance.

11) Will I be contacted if the committee requires additional information?

Typically No.  All submissions should be as complete as necessary to understand the technology and patents to be considered.  In the event the committee believes there is something specific that the nominee may possess that could help understand the submission, you will be contacted.