List of Events for 6/01/2023 to 6/01/2024
Women in IP Committee Happy Hour Event 06/15/2023
PTAB Committee Meeting: A Second Chance? A look at Amending Claims During IPRs 06/20/2023
Patent Litigation Committee: Lessons Learned from the Western District of Texas 06/21/2023
7th Annual Summer Associate Moot Court Argument CLE Program 07/12/2023
PTAB Committee Meeting: Learn About Ex Parte PTAB Appeals from PTAB APJs 07/18/2023
NYIPLA Board Meeting 07/18/2023
Hot Topics In Trademark & Copyright Law 07/20/2023
PTAB Committee Meeting: USPTO - Updates to the Interim Director Review of PTAB Decisions 08/15/2023
NYIPLA Board Meeting 08/22/2023
Patent Litigation Committee Meeting: Litigation Funding 08/23/2023
NYIPLA Board Meeting Including Committee Chairs 09/18/2023
PTAB Committee Meeting USPTO - Ex Parte Appeals 09/19/2023
Corporate & Young Lawyers Committee Happy Hour 10/04/2023
PTAB Committee Meeting - (e)STOP! In Name of IPR: A look at Estoppel and IPR 10/17/2023
NYIPLA Board Meeting 10/18/2023
Patent Litigation Committee Meeting: Recent Developments In ITC Section 337 Investigations 10/25/2023
Is it obvious? Let’s Reconsider. Design Patent Obviousness vs. Utility Patents 11/01/2023
One-Day Patent CLE Seminar 11/08/2023
NYIPLA Diverse Careers in IP Program 11/09/2023
Mock Interviews & Resume Review Workshop 11/14/2023
NYIPLA Board Meeting 11/15/2023
PTAB Committee Meeting - VirnetX v. Mangrove Partners – Can a time-barred person join an instituted IPR? 11/21/2023
NYIPLEF 5th Annual Diversity Scholarship Event: Diversity CLE Panel 12/05/2023
Patent Litigation Committee Meeting 12/12/2023
NYIPLA Board Meeting 12/13/2023
PTAB Committee Meeting: Statutory Deadlines 12/19/2023
NYIPLA Board Meeting Including Committee Chairs 01/10/2024
PTAB Committee Meeting - PREVAIL ACT: Congressional Legislative Proposal on Patent Reform 01/16/2024
Zoom Out with NYIPLA! 02/06/2024
Biologics & Biosimilars: Impact of Amgen and Hot Topics in Biosimilar Litigation 02/07/2024
NYIPLA Board Meeting 02/15/2024
PTAB Committee Meeting - RCE v. Appeal Considerations 02/27/2024
Patent Litigation Committee Meeting - Litigation Funding for IP Cases 03/05/2024
NYIPLA Board Meeting 03/05/2024
Women in Leadership 03/08/2024
Young Lawyers Committee Speed Networking 03/13/2024
NYIPLA Presidents' Forum: A Discussion with U.S. IP Policy Leaders 03/14/2024
PTAB Committee Meeting - Outcomes of Ex Parte PTAB Appeals 03/19/2024
The Effects of Recent and Pending IP Law Developments on Case Management 03/22/2024
102nd Annual Dinner in Honor of the Federal Judiciary - Firm Table(s) Registration 03/22/2024
102nd Annual Dinner in Honor of the Federal Judiciary - Individual Registration 03/22/2024
NYIPLA Diverse Careers in IP Program 03/28/2024
Internship Insights: Making the Most of Your Summer Experience 04/10/2024
PTAB Committee Meeting: Ask the PTAB 04/16/2024
NYIPLA Board Meeting 04/17/2024
Patent Litigation Committee Meeting - Current Issues in Patent Damages Analysis 04/23/2024
NYIPLA Annual Meeting 05/08/2024
Trade Secrets Committee Meeting - Survey of Recent Academic Research in Trade Secret Law 05/09/2024
PTAB Committee Meeting 05/21/2024
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