Scope of the Committee: To oversee the Association’s web-based presence and preservation of the Association’s historical documents and records.  Our Committee oversees both present-day and historical information for the Association. We oversee the design, updating, and maintenance of the Association’s website and make recommendations for  further improvements to the Association's web presence.  In addition, we manage the gathering, care, archiving, and availability of the Association’s publications, photographs, and other historical documents and records (relating as far back as to the founding of the Association in 1922) to identify matters of interest and relevance to the current membership.

Michael Kasdan, Co-Chair Jeffrey Butler, Co-Chair
Wiggin & Dana Global IP Consulting
450 Lexington Avenue, Suite 3800 1.917.951.9944
New York, NY 10017

Board Liaison Denise Loring

Dale Carlson, Santiago O'Conor, Mary Richardson