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The New York Intellectual Property Law Association, or NYIPLA as it is known, is a bar association principally composed of lawyers interested in patent, trademark and copyright law who live or work in the jurisdictions of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, namely New York, Connecticut and Vermont, and the District of New Jersey. 

Established in 1922, NYIPLA members are in private, corporate and government practice.  They reflect a full spectrum of specialized and general law firms of all sizes, as well as many fields of industry.  Members of the Judiciary are ex officio Honorary Members. 

The Association promotes the development and administration of intellectual property and related laws.  It provides its membership with an opportunity to make their views known and to advance the knowledge of legal professionals, the judiciary, government and the public.


NYIPLA Comments in response to “Request for Comments on Trial Proceedings Under the America Invents Act Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board” (Federal Register notice, June 27, 2014, Vol. 79, No. 124), , September 16, 2014 Read More>>

Towards a New Model for Social Media Newsgathering: Agence France Presse v. Morel and Digital Rights in the Age of Citizen Journalism, By Kristen G. Niven, August/September 2014 Bulletin (1, 3-10) Read More>>

Conversations with the New Members of the NYIPLA Board of Directors, By Kevin C. Ecker, Hon. Garrett E. Brown, Peter G. Thurlow & Jeanna Wacker, August/September 2014 Bulletin (12-15) Read More>>

Sticker Shock: Prior Art Estoppel of Non-IPR Petitioners in District Court Stay Requests, By Kenneth R. Adamo, David W. Higer, Eugene Goryunov & Ryan M. Hubbard, August/September 2014 Bulletin (16-19) Read More>>

A Return to Opinions of Counsel - A "Good-Faith Belief" as a Defense to Inducement: Commil v. Cisco, By Michael Kahn & Diana Santos, August/September 2014 Bulletin (20-23) Read More>>

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