Connecting at Conferences: 25 Tips

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Join NYIPLA for a Zoom webinar featuring Janet L. Falk, Ph.D.

Conference season is in full swing. Whether you are a seasoned networker, speaker and attendee, or you are new to the conference circuit, master these actionable steps to make the most of your attendance at a bar association meeting or an industry event.

Learn how to connect with speakers and attendees in advance of the conference. Bring business cards and a small giveaway branded with your law firm's name. Engage in casual conversations over meals and between sessions. Take selfie photos with small groups that you will soon post on social media. Send a follow-up email within a few days after the event and schedule a reminder for a future date to re-connect.

You've had a conversation, exchanged contact information and perhaps provided helpful materials with the speakers, attendees and conference organizers. Following these tips will help you establish and deepen these new relationships with colleagues, clients and potential referral sources.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Prepare before the conference: Visit the event/organization website and contact the speakers and attendees in advance
  • During the conference: Focus on the panelists and attendees, not on your email or members of your firm. Be deliberate and spontaneous in your networking conversations, always providing value.
  • After the conference: Follow-up by email and send materials promised and social media connection requests as appropriate, using the template provided.