List of Events for 8/01/2019 to 8/01/2020
Happy Hour hosted by the NYIPLA Young Lawyers 08/01/2019
In-house Counsel Happy Hour (Invitation is extended to NYIPLA Young Lawyers Members) 09/12/2019
NYIPLA Board Meeting with Committee Co-chairs and Liaisons 09/17/2019
Patent Litigation - A View from the Bench 09/19/2019
NYIPLA Board Meeting 10/15/2019
Diverse Careers in Intellectual Property Law & Strategies for Achieving Success 10/23/2019
Drawing the Line Between Trademark Use and Fair Use in the Context of Style and Product Names 10/30/2019
Webinar: How & Why Clients Buy IP Services - Understanding the Marketing Conundrum 11/06/2019
NYIPLA Board Meeting 11/12/2019
One-Day Patent CLE Seminar 11/13/2019
NYIPLEF 2nd Annual Diversity Scholarship Event: Honorables Sleet, Scheindlin, Hochberg 11/18/2019
Negotiating Skills Panel 12/03/2019
NYIPLA Presidents' Forum: Online Platform Liability 12/05/2019
NYIPLA Board Meeting 12/11/2019
PTAB’s Use of Discretion to Deny Institution of a PTAB Proceeding 12/11/2019
NYIPLA Board Meeting with Committee Co-chairs and Liaisons 01/14/2020
PTAB Precedential Opinion Panel’s (POP) decision in Hulu, LLC v. Sound View Innovs. 02/04/2020
NYIPLA Board Meeting 02/11/2020
BPCIA Litigation - Lessons from the Trenches 02/11/2020
Deposition Skills – Video Stop 02/19/2020
Trademark Update: A Discussion with a USPTO Policy Maker and a TTAB Decision Maker 03/02/2020
NYIPLA Board Meeting 03/03/2020
POSTPONED - "Day of the Dinner" Luncheon CLE: How Courts are Managing Complex Intellectual Property Cases 03/20/2020
POSTPONED - Firm Registration - 98th Annual Dinner in Honor of the Federal Judiciary 03/20/2020
POSTPONED - Individual Registration - 98th Annual Dinner in Honor of the Federal Judiciary 03/20/2020
Webinar: An Overview of District Court Responses to Coronavirus 03/24/2020
Webinar: Managing International Patent Portfolios in Wake of the Coronavirus Outbreak 03/26/2020
NYIPLA Board Meeting 04/07/2020
Webinar: Law Firm Rankings - Why They Matter and How To Improve Your Results 04/08/2020
What Law Firms Need to Know About the CARES Act 04/17/2020
Discussion with Judge P. Kevin Castel 04/23/2020
Patents and COVID-19: Facts and Guidance from the NYIPLA 04/28/2020
Discussion with Chief Judge Leonard P. Stark 05/05/2020
NYIPLA Annual Meeting 05/12/2020
Discussion with Director Andrei Iancu, USPTO 06/04/2020
NYIPLA Board Meeting 06/16/2020
Economic Impacts of Alice-Related USPTO Guidance 06/29/2020
The July 2020 Amendments to the Federal Circuit Rules of Practice 07/08/2020
Discussion with Judge Lucy H. Koh 07/14/2020
NYIPLA Board Meeting 07/14/2020
What’s Data Got To Do With It: Patents, Trade Secrets, Copyrights . . . and Privacy? 07/22/2020
Trademark Case Decisions: The Past Year in the Courts and at the TTAB 07/23/2020
Alternative Dispute Resolution in the COVID-19 World: A Panel Discussion 07/29/2020
What A Trademark Practitioner Should Know About Tax Law – And What You Can Say To Your Client About It 07/30/2020
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